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HunterGirl - Red Bird (BTS Visualizer)

Duration: 03:44

Size: 5.13 MB

Published: 13 Mei 2022

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Written By: Hunter Wolkonowski, Austin Goodloe, and Matt McKinney
Produced By: Jimmy Robins

I could use a red bird right now
One from the other side of the clouds
Feeling lost and empty
Let me know that you’re still with me
By sending someone up in Heaven down to earth for just a second
I know you know it’s all gonna be alright
If ain’t too much could you just give me a sign
red bird fly

My momma told me when I was a kid
When a red bird flies close your eyes
Makes a wish here it is
Right around the time my faith went missing
I was praying for angel but the wings looked different
God if you’re listening could you send me one on down

This worlds so dark it’s like all the colors gone
Sometime I feel I’m fighting on my own
Then I see all I need in a pine tree out of the blue
It reminds me your timing is better than mine yeah I know it’s true but I could use

My momma told me when I was a kid
When a red bird flies close your eyes make a wish and here it is

Videographer / Editor: Alex Bemis (for Hunter Girl & Christian Guardiano)

Videographer / Editor: Josh Kim (for Noah Thompson)

Videographer / Editor: Matt Akana (for Jay & Nicolina)

Videographer / Editor: Jordan Pulmano (for Fritz Hager & Leah Marlene)

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